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16 y/o. I am a pansexual, no matter what my mom says about it. I am trying a minimalism bio. Single. INTP. I'm in Slytherin house. You probably don't care that much. Have fun on my blog. Or don't. I wish you to have fun but it's all up to you. I am a multi fandom blog, even though it sometimes seems like I'm not.

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    when did i get this fat

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    Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. at a press line for the movie “Avengers: Age of Ultron” during the 2014 Comic-Con International Convention in San Diego, California July 26, 2014. [HQ]

    open in a new tab for HQ

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    Don’t want nudes leaked? Don’t take nudes. Don’t want to be robbed? Stop owning things. Wanna avoid being killed? Buddy, quit living already!

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    Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan and their hair… an important thing on tumblr

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    So dramatic!

    This has made me laugh really loudly, twice.

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    The current king of England - Sherlock Holmes by Mi-caw-ber

    Refering to this nice picture in Mycrofts office.

    Picture reference
    I’m sure Mycroft would be delighted to have Queen Elizabeth II replaced by Sherlock.

    Took me 5 hours with scribbling, inking and colouring. :]
    Size: ~A4 (Y U SO SMALL?)
    Medium: Pencil, Ink, a little bit of PS CS2 for shading and lights

    Thanks for watching :3

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    What happens when you get a haircut and then you don’t have the money to pay for it? Do they put the hair back on?

    They slit your throat and sell your body to a Mrs.Lovett.

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    christmas is so much worse as you get older it’s like “what do you want this year?” “a sense of purpose”

    "a career" "financial security" "a sex life" "tuition for grad school" "alcohol" "a nap" "socks would be nice"

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